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September 22, 2022 - LOS ANGELES - Rogue Games, a publisher of innovative and stylish video games, announced that Arcanium: Rise of Akhan will officially leave early access and release September 22, 2022 on Steam for $24.99, and release on the Epic Games Store later this year. The ambitious open-world, single-player strategy card adventure that merges “Roguelike” and “Deck Building'' has since released a slew of updates leaving BETA including three new heroes, new final bosses, a new enemy type,

Play as the mysterious Gunslinger, and fight through the robot horde. Shoot, loot, die, upgrade, and get back in the fight. Death is only the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-WoMTt9jnc August 30, 2022 - LOS ANGELES - Rogue Games, the publisher with the quickest draw, today revealed a new roguelite, twin-stick shooter, Dust & Neon coming in 2023. Set in an alternative, futuristic version of the Wild West, It’s cowboys vs robots. Inspired by top-down twin-stick shooters and powered by a deep, upgradeable looter-shooter weapon

 It’s time to plan a party in the face of extinction! Rogue Games presents the award-winning Harlow, a chill platformer with lofi beats to solve puzzles too, releasing today on Nintendo Switch eShop for $9.99. Experience an uplifting tale set in a bleak world created by the founder of Good Trouble, Arman Nobari, a cancer survivor who learned to develop games while recovering from hospitalization, extensive surgery, and grief.  Beautiful visuals, an inspirational story, and an original lofi soundtrack, co-produced by OBFUSC

Cookie Cutter is a drop-dead gorgeous hand-drawn Metroidvania with incredibly tight, deep combat mechanics, an epic-sized retraversal world to explore, a robust character upgrade system, buckets of blood, and one hell of a badass heroine. Plus a lot more crazy shit we’re not going to detail in today’s press release. Players control Cherry, an android fuzed to life via a combination of high technology and a mortal soul. Cherry represents a welcomed departure from the typical video game heroine. She’s body

As part of Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Rogue Games unveiled The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a new cinematic Metroidvania coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023. Developed by studio Plot Twist (Tacticool Champs, Drift Zone), this game immerses players in an atmospheric gothic world filled with exploration, puzzles, platforming, and intense combat, all with genre-best visuals running in full 4K at 60 frames per second."  The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be coming to

 Highwater is the third game in developer Demagog Studio’s expanded universe, which includes two other self-contained experiences–the critically acclaimed Golf Club: Wasteland and The Cub. “Highwater thrusts players into a stunning vision of a climate change apocalypse and then challenges them to survive the aftermath,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “Players will explore half-sunk cities via boat. Scavenge for supplies on foot. Team up with allies. Fight foes. And it all comes together with a surprisingly warm storyline.” In the months to

Rogue Games, a leading publisher obsessed with innovation and style​​, today released a new update to its fierce feline fighter, Fisti-Fluffs. This major update brings plenty of new content for players who can’t keep their paws off the physics-based multiplayer party brawler. Grab three friends and experience new moves, powerups, stages, outfits, improved graphics, and more in an all out Free-Fur-All! Developer Playfellow Studios brought the whole kitten caboodle, so check out the full list of updates below. The Way