From the CEO: How Super Impossible Road Cures My Fear of Flying

You know that guy you scuttle by on the way to your plane seat who looks like he’s about to pass out from fear? He’s easy to recognize. He’s ghostly white. He’s covered in cold sweat. And he’s clutching the arms of his seat with such force that seems about to rip them from their place.

That’s me.

I’m not meant for the skies. And every bump of turbulence or sharp turn reminds me of that simple truth over and over again. To be sure, I don’t really like any part of air travel. Yet take-offs and landings are by far the worst parts of the experience.

The good news for me is that I’ve found a worthy distraction in Rogue’s Apple Arcade exclusive, Super Impossible Road.

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, all you need to know is that it’s a blisteringly fast racer that takes inspiration from such classics as F-Zero, WipEout and Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. I adore the game’s ridiculously intense eight-player online multiplayer races. But when the flight staff demand I switch to Airplane Mode before take off or landing, I load up SIR’s addictive single-player campaign and try to three-star every stage.

Yeah, I know I work at Rogue so of course I’m going to tell you that I love the game. Which, yes, I will. Because it’s true. But for real, the super-speed racer has recently gotten me through more flights than I’d care to remember. The plane gains speed and I whip out my iPad Pro faster than a gunslinger draws his trusty gun. I’m into the campaign mode seconds later, laser focused on the twisting, turning, obstacle-filled tracks as everything but beating my competitors to the finish line or besting my high score blurs into triviality. I lose myself in the experience and the next thing I know, we’ve landed.

This, in my opinion, is only possible through the level of immersion that games like this allow. My favorite movie of all-time is Fight Club and yet there’s no way it’d hold my attention through any take-off or landing. The interactivity of games, and on top of that, the twitch-fueled skill required for a game like Super Impossible Road, draw my full attention and make flying a whole lot easier.