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Strategic Twin-Stick Rougelite-Shooter Dust & Neon is Coming to PC

Play as the mysterious Gunslinger, and fight through the robot horde. Shoot, loot, die, upgrade, and get back in the fight. Death is only the beginning.

August 30, 2022 – LOS ANGELES – Rogue Games, the publisher with the quickest draw, today revealed a new roguelite, twin-stick shooter, Dust & Neon coming in 2023. Set in an alternative, futuristic version of the Wild West, It’s cowboys vs robots. Inspired by top-down twin-stick shooters and powered by a deep, upgradeable looter-shooter weapon system, Dust & Neon incorporates roguelite progression with pulse-pounding gameplay that emphasizes reflexes and strategy. Welcome to a futuristic Wild West, where robots have rejected their life of servitude and taken over the planet, turning it into a hellish wasteland for survivors. Step into the boots of Gunslinger, a legendary sharpshooter from the past, brought back to life by a mad scientist to fight the robot oppression. Level up using an RPG-style skill tree and outfit the Gunslinger with the best gear in the West using the in-game randomly generated weapon systems. Collect loot and use all the guns, equipment, and powerups necessary to take back the world from the ruthless robot regime.

Dust & Neon Key Features:

  • Shoot ‘em Up but with Strategy: Tight twin-stick shooting controls, combined with an automatic cover, and a dynamic power-up boost system, means players will be mowing down mechanical menaces with non-stop strategic action.
  • Roguelite-RPG Progression: Players will customize and level up their skills, earn ever and upgrade their home base to become a robot-destroying super cowboy.
  • Loot… lots of loot: Outfit the Gunslinger with deadly randomly generated weapons, including a three weapon system without inventory management.

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