Going Rogue

So you’ve landed on the Rogue website and you clicked around the tabs and scrolled around a bit.


There’s a good chance that you’re a developer wondering who the heck we are and what we’re all about, which is why this post exists. And don’t worry, it’s the abbreviated version of our story. It goes like this…

Once upon a time, two industry vets came together to form a new games publishing house unlike any other. One that doesn’t just handle every facet of the business from top to bottom, but also loves games and respects developers. We are cofounders and leaders from IGN and Apple, from Glu and Kabam, and we’re here to give the traditional publishing models a good kick in the pants.

We’re all about innovative, disruptive games of all kinds, from simple to complex, from the genres we know to the ones that haven’t yet been invented. If you’re about those, too—if you think you’ve got something great that will turn a few heads—then we can’t wait to see it.

We’re here to take your wonderful, ridiculous, thoughtful, hilarious, crazy, thrilling new game to the next level. Via comprehensive feedback from folks who live and breathe UI / UX / design / gameplay flow / monetization loops and polish. Via extensive on and off-store optimization. And with millions of dedicated players.

Contact us and let us show you why Rogue is the only option when it comes to digital games publishing.