Rogue Games Raises $1.25M to Publish and Scale Games

Rogue Games has raised $1.25 million in seed funding to publish mobile games and to help them reach larger audiences.

The money comes from venture capital firm Grishin Robotics. Dmitry Grishin will join Rogue‘s board of directors.

This round of funding will help Los Angeles-based Rogue Games continue to scale the company with new hires, launching games, and growing its portfolio.

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Grishin Robotics alongside the innovative companies in their portfolio,” a Rogue rep said in a statement. “Grishin Robotics brings a talented and focused team with them to help us continue to grow Rogue to becoming the largest game publisher in the West.”

Created to help developers worldwide solve their distribution challenges, Rogue Games is composed of industry veterans from Kabam, Apple, Glu Mobile, IGN, Activision, and Sprint.

To date, Rogue has signed more than 35 games. Rogue’s world-class game and publishing experts provide a one-stop business solution for game developers. With extensive knowledge of the digital distribution ecosystem, Rogue uses technology, tools, platform knowledge and marketing prowess to help games scale. Its value-add services include qualitative and quantitative guidance, app store optimization, search engine optimization, analytics, advertising, promotion, and post-release support.

“There are many market challenges game developers face outside of the game itself and Rogue has the deep, specialized knowledge to help it reach its full potential. We are thrilled to be partnering with Rogue Games as it continues its expansion of the business,” said Grishin in a statement. “This capital provides this talented team with the ability to rapidly grow the company.”

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