The Rogue Team

Experienced. Innovative. Connected. Strategic.

Meet the minds behind the magic

Rogue has the most robust base of knowledge and set of relationships in the industry. We’ve been working with various companies and platform providers for over 150 combined years, and can help you scale your business to new heights.

Matt Casamassina

CEO & Founder

Matt is an industry vet with almost 25 years of experience. He cofounded, where he held roles from editor-in-chief to editor-at-large, and later built Apple’s App Store games team, which he ran for almost a decade. As CEO, Matt sets and coordinates the execution of Rogue’s vision. He loves games, has an eye for the next big thing, and possesses a wealth of experience in business development and editorial / marketing.

Chris Archer

CSO & Studio Head

Archer has been designing, programming, producing and directing games since the early 90s. In his 30-plus-year career, Chris and his teams have built more than 75 games across nearly every console, PC and mobile platform, garnering numerous awards, millions of units sold and billions in revenue generated. Having held positions both at top publishers and in the trenches at top developers, he has the unique ability to understand the plight of developers while also pushing the envelope and finding ways to make games that both delight consumers and are marketable.

Derek Eletich

General Counsel and Head of Corp Dev

Derek has over 20 years experience as a gaming executive and attorney. His is an expert at scaling fast-growth companies, negotiating and structuring deals, raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, legal, and corporate development. He was CEO of a groundbreaking mobile VR/AR game developer (Superstar Games), Head of Corporate Development for a global game publisher (Funplus – sold to Zhonji Investment Holding for $960 million in 2014), COO for an innovative mobile game developer (Idle Games -sold to IGN in 2015), and General Counsel at a leading social gaming company (Playdom – sold to Disney for $563 million in 2010).

Chinmay Banker

Senior Director of Technology

Chinmay is an industry vet with almost 15 years of experience. He oversees the implementation of ad monetization, attribution and analytics among other services within Rogue’s published games. He brings with him a wealth of experience with respect to technical requirements and processes around platform integrations. Prior to Rogue, he worked as a Technical Project Manager at Kabam (Netmarble Games acquired Kabam in February 2017).

Levi Buchanan

Director of Business Development

Levi has over 20 years of game industry experience, starting at Nintendo. He’s always on the lookout for the next big game and innovative studios. Prior to joining Rogue, he did business development for Electronic Arts and Chillingo. His media career includes pioneering IGN’s mobile games coverage and syndicated columns at the Chicago Tribune and MSNBC. When not playing games, Levi’s writing screenplays and making short movies.

Rick Kotikian

Head of Finance & Accounting

Rick is an experienced finance and accounting executive with over 25 years of banking and corporate finance experience across a variety of industries including mobile gaming, multi-unit entertainment concepts, and consumer packaged goods (C.P.G.).  He has experience building finance and accounting teams for start-ups.  He holds an M.B.A. in Finance from Loyola Marymount University and is highly skilled in Strategic FP&A, Executive Management and M&A.  As the Head of Finance and Accounting, Rick establishes company wide financial benchmarks with an understanding that financial transparency is the foundation for any successful company.

Reggie Fils-Aime

Board Advisor

Reggie is an industry icon with more than 15 years of experience in video games. He is perhaps best known as the former president and COO of Nintendo of America, where he oversaw North American operations for the video game giant. Reggie brings his extensive contacts and industry knowhow to the Rogue board.

Jack Tretton

Board Advisor

Jack served as president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America for nearly a decade, where he launched all of Sony’s flagship consoles and handhelds. He’s an industry all-start with unrivaled experience, and brings his expertise with indie development and traditional brick-and-mortar publishing to the Rogue board.

Chris Carvalho

Board Director

Chris has enjoyed an illustrious career that spans everything from the head of BD (and at Lucasfilm to the COO at leading mobile publisher Kabam. Currently he serves as the director of the board for Roblox. He brings his unparalleled mobile experience and relationships to the Rogue board.

Dmitry Grishin

Board Director

Dmitry was the founder of Mail.Ru and leads Grishin Robotics, which was one of the first investors in Rogue. In addition to a passion for robotics, he’s an avid gamer and leads a number of mobile gaming studios, including My Games.

Andre Bliznyuk

Board Director

Andre comes to Rogue from the investment community. He’s a general partner at Runa Capital, which led an investment round for Rogue. He brings with him an incredible depth of knowledge about the VC industry and his business acumen continues to prove invaluable.