Under Trailer and Release Date

Under, the horror game with shades of P.T. set on a sinking ship, will arrive for PC on October 25, with console releases to follow at a later date – and we’ve got an exclusive new trailer to show you.

Set on an abandoned, sinking ocean liner in the aftermath of a torpedo strike, Under has you playing WW1 veteran Alexander Dockter and attempting to escape the flooding lower decks, and hostile entities stalking the halls.

Speaking to IGN, developer Globiss Interactive explains that the game is structured as a single, seven-deck ocean liner, beginning on the lower decks and having players travel to the top decks to escape. However, it won’t necessarily be that simple – some puzzles will require returning to the lower decks and into the flood to progress.

The game will involve a mixture of puzzle solving, action (both in terms of escaping the flood and combat), and stealth, as you try and avoid the gruesome creatures around the ship – which may be a visualiation of Alexander’s own trauma from the war.

While the initial release will solely be for PC, a Switch version is also in active development – publisher Rogue and Globiss plan to ship it as close to the PC release as possible but can’t yet commit to a specific date.

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