Vainglory Update

There’s no version of this update that doesn’t begin, quite simply, with an apology to the Vainglory fanbase.

We’re sorry…

For failing to achieve our goal, which was to take an innovative, cutting-edge MOBA that all of us love, and maintain it for years to come. More, to make it even better with fixes and updates. To see it thrive into the future.

Our strategy was simple, our motivation pure. We knew that if we could get Vainglory’s astronomical server costs down, this could be a profitable game again. So we went to work on those efficiencies right away, just as we asked fans like yourselves what you wanted us to address. You said you wanted us to fix the broken global chat systems. We did. You said you wanted a renewed focus on modes like 3v3 and ARAM, so we prioritized both. Always working closely with our partners at Super Evil Megacorp, whose guidance was felt every step of the way, we even added new, officially approved characters and skins.

There were challenges along the way. For example, we were given reigns of the game shortly after a very large in-game sale, which wasn’t an ideal starting point for us. And as hard as we tried to implement server efficiencies, the breakthroughs we were looking for kept eluding us, which meant that we were incurring massive monthly hosting bills. The truth is, we spent more on server costs than most developers spend on entire games. Still, we persisted, always hopeful that we would come to a miracle solution.

So what happened?

A few things. First, COVID-19 came along and changed the landscape of the global economy, at which point we knew that we couldn’t continue to hemorrhage money on Vainglory’s servers. And second, we were caught off guard by the recent unexpected announcement of a brand new game in the Vainglory universe, which, although a different look, could be seen as competitive for players’ time.

This is when we made the painful decision to give the game we absolutely adore back to its creators. It wasn’t a decision we came to lightly or quickly, but one that ultimately needed to be made for the good of both Rogue and more importantly Vainglory.

We really did try, and we truly are sorry.

With the project now in the hands of SEMC once again, we trust that their decisions, like the recent announcement of “Community Edition” and Vainglory All Stars, will take the franchise to the next level. We’ll be watching from the sidelines and hoping for the best.