Aug 23, 2023

Cyberpunk FPS SPRAWL Launches on PC

LOS ANGELES – AUGUST 23, 2023 – Rogue Games, the only publisher that sporadically breaks out into industrial dance, and the relentless duo at developer MAETH have announced at Future Games Show that viciously satisfying retro movement shooter SPRAWL is now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Escape the eponymous cyberpunk megalopolis as a former special operations super soldier named SEVEN and use her icarus cybernetic implants to scale walls, defy gravity and slow down time. Slaughter the totalitarian military junta’s operatives and bask in their blood to fuel your rampage. Let a dynamic music system that responds to player progression, event interactions, and unbridled massacre elevate the annihilation towards your journey to redemption.

Protagonist SEVEN lives abandoned and alone in a dilapidated apartment on the outskirts of the walled megalopolis, haunted by her slaughter of innocent civilians during a failed military operation. As SEVEN awaits her demise, a voice inside her head claims the city’s ruling junta has conspired to terminate her. The voice, named FATHER, instructs SEVEN to carve a path to the SPIRE, the towering needle protruding from the city’s center, to usurp the SPRAWL’s authoritarian regime and achieve absolution for her atrocity.

Outfitted with icarus cybernetic implants, SEVEN takes to the streets of the SPRAWL to eviscerate its oppressors and liberate herself from sin.

“You chose exile in search of penance, in place of revenge,” says FATHER. “I seek to give you both – and in return… I will be set free.”

In this high-speed game of combat chess, a dynamic, pulse-pounding industrial music system accompanies every katana slice, rapidfire assault, and aerial decapitation. Defy gravity and secure the upper hand with carefully timed wallrunning maneuvers, but remain alert and adjust on the fly in response to distinct enemy attack patterns.

When the killing is complete, reap the rewards of SEVEN’s rampage with increased ammo drops, health boosts, and bullet time meter refills. Inspired by anime classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, in addition to mystifying real-world phenomena like Kowloon Walled City, the SPRAWL is insatiable. Step into its universe and let it consume you.

“SPRAWL is both a loving homage to the pioneers of first-person shooters and a nod to the evolution of the genre,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “Skill is king here, and SPRAWL’s beautiful cyberpunk universe will challenge players to be faster and more precise as they shotgun-jump over chasms, wall-run through cities, and headshot hordes of unique enemies.”

SPRAWL was made possible by the duo behind developer MAETH: Carlos Lizarraga and Hannah Crawford. Carlos, the music industry veteran behind SPRAWL’s soundtrack, level design, and art assets, has been credited for work on massive pop hits, niche indie labels, and creative direction on projects at Warner, Interscope, Sony and more. Hannah Crawford, SPRAWL’s programmer and game designer, has worked as a senior gameplay programmer on some of gaming’s most popular modern franchises on behalf of Sony and Microsoft.

SPRAWL is now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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