HARLOW Graphic

Mar 15, 2022

Harlow is Now Available on Steam and the Epic Games Store

It’s time to plan a party in the face of extinction. Harlow launches today on the PC/Mac via both Steam and the Epic Games store for $9.99. Experience an uplifting tale set in a bleak world created by the founder of Good Trouble, Arman Nobari, a cancer survivor who learned to develop games while recovering from hospitalization, extensive surgery, and grief. Harlow features physics-based puzzles, beautiful visuals, an inspirational story, and an original chill, Lo-Fi soundtrack co-produced by OBFUSC, creator of music found in games like Monument Valley and BAFTA-nominated game, Neo Cab. To make sure Harlow continues as a beacon of hope, one percent of all profits generated from Harlow will be split between Cancer for College and Black Girls Code.


  • A story of hope  – As the last remnants of humanity hurtle through space, a charming round robot named Harlow is determined to find the perfect planet for them
  • Dozens of handcrafted levels — Players will help Harlow explore the detail-packed, ancient planet as the R1-Humanity orbits.
  • Explore Multiple Endings — unlock different endings based on the kind of surprise party you throw for the frozen humans. Fingers crossed they like it!
  • Original soundtrack — With over an hour of original tracks co-produced by Obfusc, each level, menu, and scene features a wide range of chillhop, synth, and lo-fi music. 
  • Refined physics & accessible controls — Bounce, dodge, and solve puzzles with simple, intuitive controls that are created for all types of gamer.

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