Jun 1, 2023

Homebody Now Available on Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 1, 2023 – Publisher Rogue Games has announced that Game Grumps’ survival horror puzzler Homebody is available now across Xbox One and Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Homebody takes players on a trip down memory lane with graphics and gameplay inspired by PlayStation 2 era classics. Embark on a fun weekend that quickly takes a horrendous turn. Watch your back and try to make it out alive… no matter what it takes.

In Homebody, join Emily and her college buddies as they gather at a remote rental house to watch the Perseid meteor shower. As the group of friends works to rekindle bonds and friendships they once had, emotional wounds surface and social anxieties leave Emily feeling isolated and uncertain – until the power goes out and the group is overcome with a sense of relief. Once darkness sets in though, a mysterious killer emerges, picking off the friends one by one. Help Emily find a way out by solving puzzles and reconnecting with friends.

Homebody gameplay features: 

  • Retro Style: Enjoy a nostalgic art style reminiscent of classic 80s slasher films. Homebody features retro-but-modern gameplay that pulls players through a deep, strange and emotional experience.
  • Disturbing Getaway: Emily and her friends gather for the annual viewing of the Perseid meteor shower. But with relationships strained and anxieties high, what should be a relaxing weekend quickly goes awry, turning even darker as a mysterious killer picks them off.
  • Mysterious Storyline: After a bloody night, Emily wakes back up in the foyer. Realizing something is horribly wrong, Emily must find an escape, no matter what it takes. Learn more about Emily’s relationships with choice-driven dialogue. Stealthily explore the house, moving quietly and hiding in closets to evade the killer’s responsive AI. Death may be inevitable, but knowledge never dies. Use an in-game journal to track the clues and puzzle solutions, piecing together the mystery.
  • Puzzle Solving: Solving constantly changing puzzles and challenges throughout the house requires strategy and creative thinking. Be careful, yet work quickly as time continues to tick and an unpredictable killer stalks the house looking for Emily and her friends.

Take a deep breath and relish in teen horror nostalgia with Homebody, available now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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