Cookie Cutter

Jun 17, 2022

Love Turns to Rage and Chainsaws in Cookie Cutter, the Most Ambitious Metroidvania of 2023

Cookie Cutter is a drop-dead gorgeous hand-drawn Metroidvania with incredibly tight, deep combat mechanics, an epic-sized retraversal world to explore, a robust character upgrade system, buckets of blood, and one hell of a badass heroine. Plus a lot more crazy shit we’re not going to detail in today’s press release.

Players control Cherry, an android fuzed to life via a combination of high technology and a mortal soul. Cherry represents a welcomed departure from the typical video game heroine. She’s body and sex positive, punk rock as hell, and she’s pissed. Her creator and girlfriend–the love of her life–has been kidnapped by a demented sicko and Cherry intends to make him and anybody or anything who gets in her way pay.

Thankfully, she’s armed with twitch precision and powerful abilities. Bone-breaking uppercuts? Check. Devastating roundhouses? Yup. Enormous guns? Of course. Plus chainsaw slashes, dangerous guitar slides, motorcycle smash attacks, and even insane mecha kills. Cherry’s not f*cking around. 

“Cookie Cutter is a weird, wild, fun-as-hell ride of a Metroidvania. It’s got all the staples of the genre. A massive world. Loads of insane enemies and boss fights. A twisted narrative. And it’s freakin’ beautiful,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “But it’s also got a heroine who defies video game conventions in the best of ways and it’s a title unabashedly made for older players.”

With pulse-pounding combat in dynamic areas and a constant stream of weird enemies, Cookie Cutter is an all-out spectacle. Players will love the ever-evolving gameplay mechanics as well as a trippy narrative featuring over-the-top characters, rich environments, and whacked-out dialogue. And the experience delivers all the depth, platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat that Metroidvania fans expect from the very best in the genre.

Cookie Cutter will also host a range of accessibility features, ensuring players of all capabilities can engage.

Bring justice to Cherry’s rotting planet when Cookie Cutter hits in 2023.

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