Wonderputt and Arcanium Graphic

Dec 3, 2021

Rogue Brings Wonderputt and Arcanium to Netflix

With the reveal that Wonderputt and Arcanium: Rise of Arkhan will be available for all Netflix subscribers, Rogue now has three confirmed titles for the new Netflix Games platform.

  • All games on the Netflix platform are available with no ads or in-app purchases and are included with all Netflix memberships
  • This news comes after Rogue recently announced it has moved onto all platforms with 400% growth as it leaves 2021 and heads 2022
    • Rogue has released 15 SKUs so far this year bringing their library growth to 45 games in the last 22 months, with 60+ new SKUs coming in 2022, including Super Impossible Road and wipEout Rush coming in Q1

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and Wonderputt Forever are incredible additions for Netflix subscribers, and we’re so psyched to be bringing them to such a massive audience,” said Matt Casamassina, CEO, Rogue.  “We’re a huge believer in the subscription model for content consumption and there’s no bigger partner in this regard than Netflix. We’re absolutely delighted to be amongst a select few partners to deliver games to Netflix subscribers during the launch of the new initiative. Games now are so ingrained into popular culture—just as deeply as comics, movies and TV—so we see our partnership with Netflix as a key part of Rogue’s growth and expansion.

All three Rogue games will be downloadable within the Netflix app with no ads and no in-app purchases and included with Netflix membership.  They can also be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store:

  • Arcanium: Rise of Arkhan is a beautifully illustrated Rogue-like card game featuring a robust single-player campaign, deep and strategic gameplay, and badass furry heroes and villains.
  • Wonderputt Forever is a creative golf game where players will attempt to navigate the most stylized and ridiculous courses ever imagined.
  • Card Blast is a fast-paced poker experience that’s perfect for the casual player.
  • Wonderputt Forever and Card Blast are available now on Netflix, Google Play and the App Store

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