First Person Shooter Video Game Graphic

Aug 17, 2021

Rogue is Publishing Two New First Person Shooters

Rogue, a leading publisher of “bats*** insane” video games, announced two fast-paced, first-person shooters for console and PC as part of Realms Deep 2021, a digital event hosted by 3D Realms and Friends filled with world premieres, special guests, and more. The two games include SPRAWL, a twitch-paced retro-FPS heavily inspired by eastern cyberpunk such as 1995’s Ghost in the Shell, and NEON BEASTS, an 80s fever dream filled with retro-futuristic nostalgia, bizarre characters, lightning gunplay, and buckets of neon-soaked violence.



Developed by Hannah Crawford & Carlos Lizarraga

Enhanced with cybernetic implants, the player character “Seven” can scale walls and slow down time using excess adrenaline drops from dismembered enemies. With a roster of different troop types and carefully designed weapons, the player will be pushed to the limit managing their adrenaline reserves, ammunition, and weapon choice in a high-speed game of “combat chess.”

The game also features an entirely dynamic music system that responds to the player’s actions, such as progression through the level, interaction with scripted events, or killing enemies.


Developed by Sean Ryan

The gangs of Miami have formed a truce and united under a single banner, Miami has fallen under their control. As Beast, players must run and gun through an endless ocean of gangs as he makes his way to the Onyx Tower, where Vincent awaits. Explore an immersive devastated tropical hellscape featuring an incredible variety of locations, and encounter fast-paced combat that requires split-second decision-making while pushing forward into hordes of enemies.

Experience a story influenced by the work of John Carpenter’s “They Live,” featuring incredibly stylish art that doesn’t care for realism. Discover the secrets hidden within the rubble of Miami, from Audio Logs to Powerups and even Secret Tapes.