Fisti Fluffs Graphic

Mar 10, 2022

Rogue Launches New Fisti-Fluffs Update Featuring Greater Visuals, New Moves, and More

Rogue Games, a leading publisher obsessed with innovation and style​​, today released a new update to its fierce feline fighter, Fisti-Fluffs. This major update brings plenty of new content for players who can’t keep their paws off the physics-based multiplayer party brawler. Grab three friends and experience new moves, powerups, stages, outfits, improved graphics, and more in an all out Free-Fur-All! Developer Playfellow Studios brought the whole kitten caboodle, so check out the full list of updates below.

  • The Way of the Paw – New moves and attacks bring more depth and strategy to fights. Devastate the field with powerful AoE attacks or evade using cat-like reflexes.
  • Claws Out With Flair – New Dazzling Visual FX for attacks including explosions, fireworks, speed-lines, brings plenty of character and chaos to four player brawls.
  • A Fire and Furry – New powerup fish imbue kitties with elemental Fire & Ice attacks. Meow-ster the elements and dominate the competition.
  • Find the Purr-fect Fit – New clothing items have been added to dress these crazy cats. From cowboy hats to beanies, ushankas, and more; covering furry friends from head to toebeans.
  • The Meow-st Wonderful Time – New Holiday content. Recreate those family squabbles with much more adorable cat tussles in various holiday themed stages.

Fisti-Fluffs is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch eShop.
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