Oct 5, 2023

Stop Dead Launches in Early Access

LOS ANGELES – OCTOBER 5, 2023 – Rogue Games and the superfast superstars at Gridsnap Games LLC have announced that the funny and frenetic first-person telekinetic brawler Stop Dead is now in Early Access on Steam. Inspired by Doom, Portal, and Mirror’s Edge, Stop Dead blends speed, action, and carnage into a beautiful cacophony of chaos and fun. Parkour through a comic book-inspired cityscape to complete missions as fast as possible without dying. Use superhuman abilities to pick up over 100 types of throwable objects ranging from guns, chainsaws, chairs, and the ragdoll corpses of your enemies! Just remember to always keep moving; if you stop you die.

Stop Dead’s Early Access on Steam will feature 22 levels and 3 biomes for players to leap, slide, parkour, and, of course, kill their way through. 2 bosses, over 100 throwable objects and 10 different enemy types will challenge players to adapt on the fly. Stop Dead is made for speedruns and streaming with online leaderboards and Twitch integrations.

Feature Twitch Integrations:

  • Custom Commands allow streamers to define their own commands and parameters for viewers to use.
    • Spawn items and enemies into the game
    • Apply effects to the player
  • Add a viewer’s ghost to race against
    • You can copy your run ID when viewing your run in the leaderboards.
  • Power-up an enemy
    • Your name and chat messages can appear above an enemy’s head, and they become more powerful.
  • Full HUD customization allows the streamers to optimize the placement of the UI to fit their stream.

Stop Dead is available for Early Access October 5 on PC via Steam. For more information, please visit the game’s Steam page, follow it on Twitter, and join the official Discord community.

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