HARLOW Graphic

Jun 29, 2021

The Rogue Games Family Just Got BIGGER: Meet HARLOW

All aboard the R1-Humanity!

Rogue Games Inc, a leading publisher of independent video games, today announced the team will be publishing atmospheric 2.5D physics-based, action-platformer, Harlow, a game by Arman Nobari, lead developer of Overthrow Studio. Light-years off-course and low on power, Harlow, a clumsy, compact robot with a big heart and her trusty A.I. logistics sidekick, Manifesto decide to plan a surprise party for the stranded, frozen colonists aboard the R1-Humanity.


Harlow is coming to PC, MAC, and Nintendo Switch early next year and is available to wishlist on Steam. For regular updates, sign up to follow Harlow’s development and get exclusive, behind-the-scenes content!


Get a sneak peek at some Harlow gameplay



Dozens of handcrafted levels — Explore the detail-packed, ancient planet the R1-Humanity orbits.

Original soundtrack — With over 1 hour of original tracks, each level, menu, and scene features a wide range of chillhop, synth, and lo-fi music. 

Refined physics & controls — Bounce, dodge, and solve puzzles with simple, intuitive controls.

Stunning visuals — Machinery hisses and clanks. Derelict buildings and foreboding mountains rise up around you. Debris, light, and surroundings react to how you play.