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Arcanium: Rise Of Akhan - NOW IN EARLY ACCESS

Dungeons & Dragons. Slay the Spire. Faster than Light. Hearthstone. These are all inspirations for Arcanium: Rise of Arkhan, an ambitious hybrid of roguelike and deckbuilder brought to life in painstaking detail with stunning hand-drawn visuals.

It’s also chockfull of anthropomorphic animals.

That’s its own sentence because you know why. Don’t front. You’ve landed here for a reason and it had everything to do with those badass furry heroes and villains.

Developed by the all-stars at Supercombo Games, Arcanium delivers a satisfying single-player campaign and spins an addictive fantasy tale in which good, evil, magic, and deep, challenging card strategy come together.

Did we mention it’s a full premium experience? That’s right. No free-to-play mechanics here. 

Play it in Early Access now and discover for yourself why pro Hearthstone streamer Regis Killbin declares, “Arcanium is my favorite deckbuilder right now. You will love this game.”