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Giant Dancing Plushies

From the genius creators at Dabadu Games (It’s Full of Sparks, Shell Shocked) comes Giant Dancing Plushies, a game in which gargantuan kaiju teddy bears dance to the rhythm of your favorite beats as they murder armies and destroy cities.

So. Much. Yes.

We don’t know what six-day-long drug binge this concept came from, but we do know that we were born to publish the end result.

GDP boasts an innovative design mechanic that challenges you to keep pace with your own rhythm while you unleash carnage upon cities. You’ll also unlock cute, but deadly new kaiju fluffies as you advance through a deep, engaging single-player campaign. And come on—look at those cuddly killers, each rendered in beautiful detail with buckets of style to spare. Don’t you just wanna hug ‘em?