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Cookie Cutter is a drop-dead gorgeous hand-drawn Metroidvania with incredibly tight, deep combat mechanics, an epic-sized retraversal world to explore, a robust character upgrade system, buckets of blood, and one hell of a badass heroine. Plus a lot more crazy shit we’re not going to detail in today’s press release. Players control Cherry, an android fuzed to life via a combination of high technology and a mortal soul. Cherry represents a welcomed departure from the typical video game heroine. She’s body

As part of Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Rogue Games unveiled The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a new cinematic Metroidvania coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2023. Developed by studio Plot Twist (Tacticool Champs, Drift Zone), this game immerses players in an atmospheric gothic world filled with exploration, puzzles, platforming, and intense combat, all with genre-best visuals running in full 4K at 60 frames per second."  The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be coming to

 Highwater is the third game in developer Demagog Studio’s expanded universe, which includes two other self-contained experiences–the critically acclaimed Golf Club: Wasteland and The Cub. “Highwater thrusts players into a stunning vision of a climate change apocalypse and then challenges them to survive the aftermath,” said Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “Players will explore half-sunk cities via boat. Scavenge for supplies on foot. Team up with allies. Fight foes. And it all comes together with a surprisingly warm storyline.” In the months to

Rogue knows that space can be lonely, so Super Impossible Road is adding crossplay and will soon be one of the handful of games to feature multiplayer across every modern platform, PC, and mobile (with Apple Arcade), making it one of the most widely-accessible racing games to play with friends across different devices. Super Impossible Road lets everyone experience the thrills of careening down a wild track in the cosmos in beautiful 60 frames per second and next-generation graphics.  Super Impossible Road