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It’s time to plan a party in the face of extinction. Harlow launches today on the PC/Mac via both Steam and the Epic Games store for $9.99. Experience an uplifting tale set in a bleak world created by the founder of Good Trouble, Arman Nobari, a cancer survivor who learned to develop games while recovering from hospitalization, extensive surgery, and grief. Harlow features physics-based puzzles, beautiful visuals, an inspirational story, and an original chill, Lo-Fi soundtrack co-produced by OBFUSC, creator

This International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite developers, Hannah Crawford, Co-Founder of Maeth Inc., and Lead Developer of SPRAWL. https://youtu.be/Yuhezzh-ldQ Hannah has worked on some of the biggest series in gaming, including Sea of Thieves and the upcoming Horizon: Call of the Mountain.  On top of that, she is also the co-founder and technical director of the two-person development studio behind SPRAWL, a cyberpunk-themed, retro-futurism-styled first person shooter. SPRAWL is the project that has given us the pleasure of working

Recently announced via NETFLIX GEEKED, Rogue Games brings the award-winning open-world, card adventure game, Arcanium: Rise of Akhan to Netflix. This ambitious single-player title blends the best of popular roguelike and deckbuilding genres into one package. Players will trek across a fully 3D procedural map where they make strategic choices that alter the experience in various ways. Hostile environments, evolving tiles, and dangerous creatures await them in this anthropomorphic turn-based battle epic. “We’re thrilled to bring this best-in-class open-world strategy adventure card

With the reveal that Wonderputt and Arcanium: Rise of Arkhan will be available for all Netflix subscribers, Rogue now has three confirmed titles for the new Netflix Games platform. All games on the Netflix platform are available with no ads or in-app purchases and are included with all Netflix memberships This news comes after Rogue recently announced it has moved onto all platforms with 400% growth as it leaves 2021 and heads 2022 Rogue has released 15 SKUs so far this year bringing their library

Rogue Games has revealed a new partnership with Netflix as it moves onto all platforms with a 400% growth heading into 2022. Last week Rogue Games announced two ambitious new development partnerships: Confirmed by Netflix in a BLOG POST, Rogue Games is debuting Card Blast, a fast and polished card puzzle game, as part of Netflix’s very first games roll-out. Other 2021 and 2022 titles will be announced soon. The recently-revealed collaboration on next-gen consoles and PC with Bloober Team is one of the